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About us

About us

PagesPak.com is specifically designed to assist Pakistani companies to conduct business with the world market. This portal works as a Yellow pages and is considered to be Pakistan's first portal that is designed to cater the needs of the corporate sector of Pakistan.

Whether you are about to launch a new product and need marketing support, want to advertise on the Internet, Interested in having your own website developed or hosted or even looking for a multimedia e-brochures. We can help get all that and more.

Pakistan has a wide range of quality products that have such a great export potential, but local companies have not been able to promote their products on air due to lack of resources. PagesPak is an online resource for small and mid range companies, which will provide an opportunity for them to promote themselves on internet.

As Pakistan is playing an increasingly important role in the WTO, there will be more opportunities than ever for Pakistani suppliers in the global market. Therefore, an urgent need for more efficient channels through which global buyers and Pakistani suppliers can meet and conduct business was required. Anticipating this need, We have developed an e-commerce platform, Pagespak.com, to assist global buyers to source Pakistani products more efficiently.

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