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Vegetable curry with chickpeas Vegetarian cauliflower, spinach and chickpea balti
Vegetarian chilli Vegetarian shepherds pie
Vegetarian curry Veggie kedgeree
Warm chickpea salad with spiced mushrooms White bean hummus
Almond and lemon cake White chilli
Almond custard soup with caramelised pecans Almond cake
Almond pancakes with ice cream and toffee sauce Almond dipping sauce with pitta bread fingers
Almond paste Almond paste cake icing
Almond soup Almond stollen
Any bird stuffing Baked Alaska with nut brittle
Pecan and hazelnut loaf with sweet pepper sauce Baklava
Bakewell tart Baklava with coconut and honey syrup
Blueberry coconut cake Braised chestnuts in red wine gravy
Bonfire puddings with tarantula sauce (apricot and pecan puddings with toffee sauce) Bread and butter pudding with caramelised pecans
Bread sauce with a nutty twist Breakfast seed health bars
Caramel brazils Caramelised chestnut and chocolate fondue
Cashew bread and honey pudding with cashew brittle Cashew nut pesto
Caramelised chestnut cheesecake Cheats baklava
Chestnut and orange mousse Chestnut and honey mousse, dusted with cinnamon
Chestnut and red wine pate Chestnut and wild mushroom tagliarini
Chestnut, apple and pine kernel stuffing Chestnut, ricotta and honey money bags
Chestnut Bourguignon pie Chestnut, leek and mushroom tartlets
Chestnut ganache with ginger cake Chestnut, spinach and mushroom torte
Chewy seedy oat and apricot bars Chicken satay
Chocolate and hazelnut meringues Chocolate and marrons glaces tart
Chocolate chestnut roulade Chocolate pecan crunch cakes
Cobnut, wild mushroom and chestnut stir fry Cocoa souffles with peanut butterscotch sauce
Chocolate pecan fondant Coconut and mango smoothie
Coconut ice cream Coconut biscuits
Coconut pistachio sweetmeat Coconut rice pudding with glazed mango
Coconut pudding with cream Coconut rice scented with curry and caramelised onions
Coconut tart with passion fruit cream Coffee and walnut cake
Corn and coconut soup Cream of coconut soup
Deep fried cashews Egg-free marzipan
Festive marrons glaces Fruit and nut pancakes
Fresh pesto and potato linguine Gado gado Indonesian vegetable salad
Fusilli con le noci (fusilli with walnuts) Hazelnut and mushroom parcels
Mont Blanc Hazelnut blackberries
Hazelnut crackle Hazelnut mousse with chocolate-dipped strawberries and spun sugar nest
Hazelnut praline Toasted hemp seeds
Individual pecan pies Jaggery-caramelised walnuts
Lemon and almond biscotti with basil and vanilla cream Lemongrass and coconut sauce
Lime, mint and coconut milk smoothie Macadamia nut brittle
Lime and coconut souffle Macadamia sponge pudding with chocolate fudge sauce
Maple and walnut sauce Maple and walnut sauce
Maple syrup and pecan pudding Maple syrup, walnut and buttermilk wholemeal scones
Meringue roulade with chestnut and cream filling (meringue roulade con marrons glaces) Mas macadamia salad
Milk and almond pudding Mont Blanc (Chestnut and cream dessert)
Muesli My favourite stuffing
Muscovado and hazelnut tart with yoghurt sorbet Garam masala

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