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Orange Sangria *** (hddw83b)


1 ea Med Orange
1/4 cSugar
2 cOrange juice; freshly squee
1 ea Dry red wine
1/2 cCointreau; (or other orange


Cut the orange in half. Cut 1-2 thin slices from one half, cut them
into quarters, and save for garnish. With a veggie peeler, thinly cut
off the thin outer peel of the other half of the orange. In a bowl,
using a spoon, bruise the peel with the sugar to release the
flavorful oils; then stir in the orange juice, wine, and
orange-flavored liqueur. Cover and chill; after the first 15 min,
remove the orange peel. Serve the Sangria in a bowl or from a
pitcher, garnished with the quartered orange slices. Add ice cubes to
each individual serving, if you like. FROM: DONNA HARTMAN (HDDW83B)

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