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An Old Recipe For Oven Pone


Cold water
4 qt Sifted cornmeal
1/2 cNew Orleans molasses
1/4 cSugar
1 tb Salt
1 cFlour


Add enough cold water to cornmeal to make a soft batter. Scald well,
mashing the lumps. Add New Orleans molasses, sugar, salt, and flour.
Grease Dutch oven well, and put in pone mixture. Put in oven of wood
cook stove and let bake from 5 to 6 hours with a good fire. Then open
your stove and let the pone remain until morning. Before you go to
bed, or about 11 oclock, put another stick of wood on.

Reprinted with kind permission from "Call It Delmarvalous" by Virginia
Tanzer, EPM Publications, Mclean, VA, c. 1983.

Please note that these recipes have been provided with the permission
of and courtesy of the

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