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Original Buffalo Wings


5 lb Fresh large chicken wings
Peanut oil for frying
Durkee/French Hot Sauce
Wingers Original Recipe Hot
Melted Margarine
Celery Sticks
Chunky Blue Cheese Salad Dre


1. Split the wings at the joint and remove the tips. Anchor Bar has
barrels of tips they use in soup stock. 2. Spread the wings out on a
rack in a pan and refrigerate so they drain of moisture/blood.A
minimum of 24 hours. This small step will help produce a crispier
final product. 3 Heat deep fryerto 350-360 degrees. 4. Fry wings in
small batches until done-8-10 minutes, depending on the equipment. 5
Drain of excess oil and immediately place in large bowl and coat with
hot sauce & melted margarine. 6. Serve with celery sticks and blue
cheese. NOTE:The amounts of Hot Sauce and Margarine are really to
taste. Medium HEAT Wings are approx. obtained by using 1 cup of Hot
Sauce for the entire 5# and 1/2c. of melted margaine. Experiment-some
places do not use the melted marg. at all and just vary the volume of
hot sauce to get the taste they want. The background on "Orginal
Buffalo Chicken Wings" is this: Frank & Theressas Anchor Bar is
where it all started. Theressa Bellissimo received by mistake a 30#
box of wings,ususally used in making soup. Her husband Frank asked
her one night to fix a snack at the restaurant for he and a bunch of
his friends. Theressa decided that these wings would be just the
thing and went out and bought a bottle(s) of cayenne pepper sauce.
There were many varieties and one was named "FRANKS". She deep fried
the split wings, mixed the Franks Hot Sauce with some melted
margarine and coated the deep fried wings. That in short was the
beginning of an industry. It was 1964, and the Anchor Bar was the
only spot you could get these things. The secret was in the sauce and
the sauce was Franks Hot sauce,which was produced by the Frank Tea &
Spice Co, later on bought by Durkee Foods and now a part of the
Durkee/French Foods Co.However,back then most folks thought FRANK
Bellissimo, invented the sauce! Actually,he was more famous around
here than Dr. Jacob Frank who perfected the Louisiana Sunlong Pepper
which was the base for the product. Anyway,today the Bellissimos and
their son Dominic are all part of history. It was Dominic who
went"public" with the product and told the story from here to London
Eng. and to countless publications. The Anchor Bar today is run by
his wife and still does thousands of pounds of wings a week. ENJOY!!

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